Welcome to the Program!

Vanessa Aadland joins Causwell!

Along with an impressive resume of multiple ads and appearances in magazines, billboards, and local publications, Vanessa placed 6th at the first stop of the Freeskiing World Tour this summer in Chile. Aside from her media exposure, Vanessa absolutely rips and treats Alta/Snowbird as her personal terrain park.

Welcome to the team!

photo courtesy of Jeremy Koons
1. I grew up skiing in Washington: Stevens Pass, Crystal, Mt. baker, and Alpental
2. How many apples have you consumed in your lifetime? psshhh! two a day, at least
3. Favorite Place to ski? Switzerland... Splügen and Lenzerheide
4. Favorite Terrain? steep pow

5. I hear you have a tattoo. Were is it and what does it say?
1 month after breaking my back skiing, my brothers and I got ski bum tattooed on our bums

6. Were you on time for work today? Only 3 hours late, not sure if I still work there
7. Favorite musical accompaniment: I'm really loving this pretty lights stuff.
8. Did you play high school sports: Track, XC, Basketball, and Cheerleading, for real.
9. Favorite food group: fruit!!!!
10. Name 5 things for which you have no time:
TV, boys! shopping (except for ross dress for less) shaving...jk. I always want more time with my dog.

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