The Time is Now

Discovering your personal answers, decisions, and major life choices is a difficult process. Often times, we are too afraid of the unknown; fearing what we have yet to experience, far too enthused to risk failure. Such feelings breed trepidation, which in turn propagates a never ending cycle of "what if" scenarios and half hearted, "I wish I would have..."

Well my friend, the time is now. Life is glorious, genuinely fun, and regardless of where your decisions may lead, it is not the end result that matters, but how you get there and how well you lived along the way. For skiers, the journey is the reward, the best time in our lives is right now, and everything you have done will solidify a foundation for the future. Start living my friend, for the world is immaculate and I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to experience 10% of what this planet has to offer.

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