When not designing filming and editing movies, designing pro model products, traveling, surfing and skiing, Eric Pollard has been extra busy this summer conceptualizing his signature line of apparel and outerwear for the Causwell brand. Stay tuned for some sneak peeks this winter and a not-so-sneak peek at the SIA and ISPO shows in early 2011. Needless to say, Pollard put his heart and soul into his new line of softgoods and we couldn't be more stoked to unveil it this winter. 
Thanks to our friend, Adam Clark for the amazing imagery of Eric.

Cole Drexler Interview on SBC Skier

Phenomenal Cole Drexler interview HERE

From SBCskier:

It’s getting hard to not hear an echo when bringing up the name Cole Drexler. With a fresh diploma in his hand and a recent handshake with Line and Joystick, Cole is getting all the arms he needs to reach the top on his way up the ranks.

Originally hailing from Waterloo, Ont., Cole moved to Collingwood at the age of 11, quit racing when he was 14 and checked into the park scene with a one-way ticket. Cole is not your average jibber's delight and best known for the "deadlung, pivot" landings and the "off that" trick inventions. Opposed to the addictive compulsion of dialing in a comp run day-in-day-out, he's creating next year’s trends and documenting the rights to his own success.

Cole’s had support getting here, too. Growing up in a family of skiers he may be one of the only kids whose parents approached him about spending his grade 11 year in Whistler—where he logged over 120 days on the slay mission. Last season he took his quiver of tricks and entered the first two rail jams of the season in Collingwood, winning both. Suddenly the local lift line for Cole got a lot shorter even on a busy day.
After making noise online, It was inevitable he would link up on a trail of destruction filming for the Voleurz family. With his local band of misfits behind him and the industry turning heads and pages, just make sure you get front row when he comes to a city near you.

-Max Hill

Chili C the Paper Chaser from cole drexler on Vimeo.


Take the tram up Snowbird, walk around, and get STOKED!

It's snowing in the Wasatch!

Causwell PRO Sale! Wednesday Oct. 20th 4-8pm !

Hey amigos and amigettes! Here to inform you of the 2nd Annual Causwell Pro-sale this Wednesday, October 20th, 4-8pm at Causwell!

Come buy gear from these pros:
Tom Wallisch
Pep Fujas
Tim Durtschi
Alex Schlopy
Blake Nyman
Steven Nyman
LJ Strenio
Wiley Miller
Julian Carr
Dash Longe
Jeff Kiesel
Cody Barnhill
Grete Eliassen
Jen Hudak
Angeli VanLaanen
Clown School'ers
Latarian Milton
Steven Glansburgh
& more!…

Tons of gear for sale from all your favorite pros! Skis, boots, jackets, pants, bindings, poles, gloves, goggles, helmets, backpacks, hoodies, street wear…pretty much anything!

Come slap a high five, buy some gear, watch one of the latest ski films, eat a hot dog, eat a burrito, hang out!

See you there!

Causwell - Wednesday October 20, 4-8 PM
2258 E. Fort Union Blvd. #B6
Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

(Across the street from Lonestar Taqueria)


Adam Clark takes immaculate photos.

Need some inspiration? Check out his website HERE

Eric Pollard Joins the Program!

Welcome to the Team Eric Pollard!
New for 2010, Causwell Outerwear welcomes Eric Pollard as an athlete, designer, and brand ambassador.

Pollard, a man that needs no prelude, has expanded well beyond the image of a professional athlete as a filmmaker, editor, ski designer, and artist. Throughout his prolific career, Eric has taken a unique approach to skiing and allows his creativity to transcend his paintbrush and apply his talents to multiple facets of the industry. 

The summation of hundreds of published photos, timeless film segments, unique paintings, ski graphics, and ground-breaking product development will create the foundation for a line of outerwear just as innovative as its creator. For his signature series, we’re giving EP full control as an artist and a product designer to create something skiers can take pride in wearing. Rather than provide a few color swatches and have him select his favorite, Pollard will craft every detail, select every material, and apply years of experience to a series of technical products and softgoods that will inspire the best in all who wear it. At Causwell, we merely provide the canvas for yet another work of art. 

Welcome to a new age in athlete-brand relations.
Welcome to Causwell 2010. 

*For more info on Causwell and Eric Pollard please visit or call directly at (801) 733-4195

Fresh Gear!

Fresh T's & Sunnies arrived today.

Tees are available in Medium-XLT and made from 95% cotton 5% spandex. 

Real stretchy, real cozy.

Sunnies are only $18! 



Deception is all around us. Stay alert, stay focused, and don't get trampled.


Eazy Does It from John Ware on Vimeo.

Saw this on the Joystick blog and had to steal it!!! John Ware slaying in 2010!!!

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