PC with Jeff Kiesel

Watching Kiesel ski Park City is like watching Vivaldi compose a symphony.

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The Unofficial Jeff Kiesel 2010 Season Edit!

Mad props to Peter Nossiff for downloading Kiesel's footage from vimeo and compiling everything from 2010! Nicely done brotha.

*Ware you Headed?

photo by Ian Matteson
John WARE is a good dude that happens to absolutely destroy a pair of skis. When not hustling in his bindings 9 months a year, John is enrolled in classes at the University of Utah.

For some, education is a compass that dictates the path into a particular job, career, or lifestyle. For John, he already found his way, he's just gaining the necessary tools to eat food long after he retries his park tricks for nipple deep days and a comfortable place to rest his head.


What up Friends!

As you may have heard, our store in Cottonwood Heights is now open and ready for business. Check some of the fresh T's for 2010/2011!!!!

Moment of Truth

Photo by J Eichhorst
Athlete: Josh Bishop
In the backcountry, there is this feeling between the instant that you pop and the impact from landing your trick where cognitive thought stops and everything comes into focus. It's a split second where you see the exact outcome of the trick prior to it happening. Your grab, body position, and how you ride away all come naturally as you stare down that small patch of transition on the other side.

This winter, we encourage you to find your moment of truth and want to keep you looking fresh as you ride away from that perfect trick, on the perfect day, surrounded by friends.


Wearing the Alaskan Blue Format Pant and the Wine Format Jacket, Josh Bishop tested skis with the Freeskier crew all week long in Keystone, CO. For a look into some of the skis he tested, check out the Freeskier Magazine Buyer's Guide.


If loud, aggressive colors are not for you, check out the Reasons Jacket and Format Pant in SPICE. Also available in the Engen Full Zip Sweatshirt.

Sunscreen is PLAYED

With trips to Mt. Hood, Whistler, New Zealand, and Argentina, our athletes ski year round and log 270 + days on snow. With so much exposure to UV rays, they would be forced to apply sunscreen multiple times a day in backcountry environments and terrain parks throughout the world. Along with being incredibly tedious, using that much sunscreen would require packing another item in their suitcases and be a very costly endeavor.

As a solution to this issue, we created the Watson Neck Gaitor to keep you looking fly and protected from UVA and UVB rays.

Sunscreen is played! Mask up!


If you need something that detonates on film, is highly visible from a distance, and will attract the attention of any cameraman or lady in the park or backcountry, the WHIRL kit is for you.


WARNING: if you are 4ft. 3inches tall. the XXLong will be very large on your frame

The Format Jacket

With 10,000mm fabrics, custom trims and detailing, lycra wrist gaskets w/ thumbholes, sealed seams, mesh lined venting, pit zip ventilation, media pockets, a fade snow gaiter that acts as a tall-t, and a host of other features, the format jacket is absolutely baller. Here's Josh Bishop wearing the Format with an all-overprint Watson's Neck Gaitor.

Mad props to Jack Boyd capturing these in Breckenridge, CO.