A New look for 2012

With 2010/2011 products slated to drop this fall, we have been diligently daydreaming, creating, and perfecting our line for 2012. Although we cannot reveal our future agenda, we can guarantee it will look nothing like the aforementioned photo.

Be well!

A message from Causwell 2010

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

While attending The Meeting in Aspen, CO Josh Bishop attended the Bone Thugs concert and partied on their tour bus until 7am. Next time you're at a Bone Thugs show and see them rocking High on Fives tees, you'll know what happened!


We're starting to see our 2010 / 2011 outerwear rolling in. It's looking good. Check out more after the jump

From the Playlist

Music transcends cultural boundaries and get's us stoked.

What's in your playlist?

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The Time is Now

Discovering your personal answers, decisions, and major life choices is a difficult process. Often times, we are too afraid of the unknown; fearing what we have yet to experience, far too enthused to risk failure. Such feelings breed trepidation, which in turn propagates a never ending cycle of "what if" scenarios and half hearted, "I wish I would have..."

Well my friend, the time is now. Life is glorious, genuinely fun, and regardless of where your decisions may lead, it is not the end result that matters, but how you get there and how well you lived along the way. For skiers, the journey is the reward, the best time in our lives is right now, and everything you have done will solidify a foundation for the future. Start living my friend, for the world is immaculate and I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to experience 10% of what this planet has to offer.


John Ware appeared in 4bi9's "Gunnie Season" last night and did a phenomenal job of sending it in the film and at the party. Nicely done brotha!

4bi9 & Level 1 Premiere SLC TONIGHT!!!!!

BQ @ 4FRNT 5:00pm
Doors Open: 7:30pm
4BI9 “Gunnie Season”: 8:00pm
Prize Giveaway: 8:45pm
Level 1 Productions “Eye Trip”: 9:00pm

Athletes will be in attendance for poster signings and a HUGE gear raffle including skis, outwear, goggles, headphones, and more! This is not to be missed Utah – See you there and tell your friends!

For more information join the facebook event.

Ticket $12 Presale / $15 day of
Presale Tickets available in the Level 1 online store.

Level 1 Eye Trip Official Trailer from Level 1 on Vimeo.

4BI9 Media - Gunnie Season from 4BI9 Media on Vimeo.

WORDS from our friend COLE

I own four pairs jeans, and a pair of khakis...

Shout out to Laura Mitchell as my first girlfriend

Im a skinny little bitch... I can do like 10 pushups?

Happiness is: Skiing, Potato Vodka, CASG, 270 ons...

Aside from skiing, partying is my outlet for expression

My favorite artists are: Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Jay-Z (Hov)

No, I don't speak any foreign languages. I took french in school but that took me no where at all.

If I would definitely expunge Celion Dion's singing career from history. That was too easy.

That brown paper bag money is the best part about skiing like an absolute boss... And getting to travel like a bo$$

Shane Heyl would be my Deputy Prime Minister

Looking Forward.

Hayden Price is always stoked and looking forward to shredding pow!

photo: Eichhorst

Welcome to the Program!

Vanessa Aadland joins Causwell!

Along with an impressive resume of multiple ads and appearances in magazines, billboards, and local publications, Vanessa placed 6th at the first stop of the Freeskiing World Tour this summer in Chile. Aside from her media exposure, Vanessa absolutely rips and treats Alta/Snowbird as her personal terrain park.

Welcome to the team!

photo courtesy of Jeremy Koons
1. I grew up skiing in Washington: Stevens Pass, Crystal, Mt. baker, and Alpental
2. How many apples have you consumed in your lifetime? psshhh! two a day, at least
3. Favorite Place to ski? Switzerland... Spl├╝gen and Lenzerheide
4. Favorite Terrain? steep pow

5. I hear you have a tattoo. Were is it and what does it say?
1 month after breaking my back skiing, my brothers and I got ski bum tattooed on our bums

6. Were you on time for work today? Only 3 hours late, not sure if I still work there
7. Favorite musical accompaniment: I'm really loving this pretty lights stuff.
8. Did you play high school sports: Track, XC, Basketball, and Cheerleading, for real.
9. Favorite food group: fruit!!!!
10. Name 5 things for which you have no time:
TV, boys! shopping (except for ross dress for less) shaving...jk. I always want more time with my dog.

En Route: NOMADS

En Route Nomads is our second webisode from the 2010 winter. The nimbus crew traveled to Canada, Nevada, and Utah chasing fresh snow. It was an amazing year, Nomads documents the best two months of the 2010 winter. Enjoy!

Foundations for a Better World

If everyone followed their dreams, I truly believe the world would be in a better place.

Hayden Price rolling deep in the Reasons Jacket.

Summertime SHRED

Jeffery Kiesel gets down with a summertime skate sesh at Windells Camp!

Today in History Sept. 8th 1974

Smile: Bishop
Photo: Eichhorst
Sept. 8th 1974: Ford pardons Nixon

In a controversial executive action, President Gerald Ford pardons his disgraced predecessor Richard Nixon for any crimes he may have committed or participated in while in office. Ford later defended this action before the House Judiciary Committee, explaining that he wanted to end the national divisions created by the Watergate scandal.

Consider yourself educated!

Backcountry VENTURES with NJW

Ahtlete&TRICK: John Ware / Switch 5 blunt
Discovery is one of the most exhilarating aspects of skiing. For park skiers, building backcountry jumps allows us discover new rotations, utilize soft landings, and produce unique media in uncertain environments. For John Ware, BC jumping is a game in which he blasts music so loud he can barely hear the photographers as he drops into a feature. As dangerous as his antics may be, music allows him to focus and send perfect tricks long after other athletes stop sessioning the jump.

Keep discovering brotha!

Poor Marketing Managers at Drake University!

Drake University needs a new marketing manager! Although they are not accepting applications, their most recent enrollment campaign proves the changing of the guard will soon take place. While most universities encourage students to strive for excellence, the most recent Drake University advertisements suggest that the establishment not only accepts by condones sup-par performance and D+ GPA's.

What does this mean for skiers? That you can attend Drake in the Summer and Fall, maintain the socially acceptable D+ average, and shred all winter long. For the more academically inclined, be advised that ski careers do not last forever and having cognitive skills are far more profitable than sliding on snow.


Technical Outerwear

In a recent expedition to Mt. Adams, WA, Josh Bishop discovered just how technical the format pants truly are. From aggressive winds, to cold nights, and blistering hot days, Bishop stayed warm, dry, and well vented throughout the 12,276 ft volcano.

Keep exploring friends! A message from Causwell 2010.

Air Travel

“Lovers of air travel find it exhilarating to hang poised between the illusion of immortality and the fact of death.”

Alexandar Chase

WELCOME to the Team Matt Hauser!

13 year old baller Matt Hauser joins the family here at Causwell!!!! Stay tuned for media of Hauser's exploits throughout the winter.

Welcome to the program brotha!